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Without our committed volunteers, PWN Global would simply not exist. 

It's thanks to the dedicated support of over 300 of our members that we are able to offer events, programmes and resources that support you in realising your true potential and advancing gender balanced leadership. Read some of the stories to see how volunteering has helped our members to develop new skills, make real change in their organisations and achieve their career goals.

If you are already a top leader in your company, or want to experience what leadership at the top is like, we need your help!  The nature of volunteerism is transitory, so we are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to get involved.


  • Rare photos from the Second World War spotlight the history of women in service

    World War II was a defining moment in the history of modern women: While men went off to battlefields, women took up responsibility in factories and offices. But that is not all: In the UK, women also joined the war as service members—including the Queen of England herself, who was war mechanic when she was still a princess.

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  • First woman to officially run Boston Marathon does it again – 50 years later

    Kathrine Switzer, who became women’s rights hero in 1967 after completing all-male race, has run it again aged 70.

    A runner who saw off furious race officials to become the first woman to complete the Boston Marathon repeated the feat on Monday, 50 years after first completing the course.

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  • How to Be a 50/50 Partner

    Women are interrupted more than men. Even if you’re supportive of the women in your life, you may not be giving them the airtime they deserve. Communication is critical in relationships. Marriages are stronger when both partners talk through disagreements calmly and listen to each other’s perspectives, and this is particularly important when you’re managing a home or raising children together. Discuss your goals for your home and career with your partner.

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  • Rob Baker, PWN Global Board Member, Gets It!

    Our brilliant Rob Baker is at it again! In honnour of International Women's Day, Rob, PWN Global's VP of Balanced Leadership was invited to speak at the OECD's event on Wednesday 8th March. 

    Senior Partner and Global Client Director of Mercer, Rob has volunteered for PWN Global for over four years and been instrumental in building a strong collaborative partnership between PWN Global, Mercer, and its holding company Marsh and McLennan. He is passionate about involving and engaging men in the quest for gender balanced leadership, and the OECD event is just one in a long line of events at which he has spoken in recent months.

    Rob, we are grateful for your consistent contribution to the PWN community and we salute you.

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  • Happy International Women's Day 2017

    How are you celebrating the achievements of women today? Why not consider joining our movement of dynamic professional who are all striving towards a more gender balanced world? For less that €15 per month, you can have access to events (webinars, networking events, training seminars), brilliant resources and access to an international network of brilliant professional people all working towards gender balanced leadership. Not a member yet? Join our FREE community or join as a Premium member of PWN Global today!

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