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Without our committed volunteers, PWN Global would simply not exist. 

It's thanks to the dedicated support of over 300 of our members that we are able to offer events, programmes and resources that support you in realising your true potential and advancing gender balanced leadership. Read some of the stories to see how volunteering has helped our members to develop new skills, make real change in their organisations and achieve their career goals.

If you are already a top leader in your company, or want to experience what leadership at the top is like, we need your help!  The nature of volunteerism is transitory, so we are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to get involved.


  • PWN Madrid Meets Her Majesty Queen Letizia


    Our PWN Madrid  Board had the honour to take part in an Audience with her Majesty Queen Letizia of Spain on 15th Feburary 2017.

    Our long-standing Madrilian network had the opportunity to share with her Majesty all of the projects that we work on. We also took this opportunity to request her support of our activities to accelerate the pace of change of Spanish society in favour of a greater gender balance, in order to achieve a better world. Her Majesty sent regards to all the community and especially to our PWN Global President, Sonya Richardson.


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  • 5 facts to know about Japan's first self-made female billionaire

    Four decades after launching her business, 82-year-old Yoshiko Shinohara has been deemed Japan's first self-made female billionaire.

    Shinohara initially launched staffing agency Temp Holdings in 1973 out of her one-bedroom apartment in Tokyo.

    From risking everything to start her company to putting her happiness first, there's a lot to be learned from this self-made billionaire who has been on Fortune's list of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Global Business.

    Read the source article at Business Insider (Images reporduced from Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

    INSPIRED? Join the PWN Global Virtual Entrepreneurship Program TODAY!

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  • 25 Famous Women on Their Mentors

    Among its many messages, last weekend’s Women’s March on Washington showed the power of so many women supporting each other. At work and in life, the same goes for mentors. Below, 25 famous women discuss the women and men they’ve looked up to. Read on for Lena Dunham on Nora Ephron, Amandla Stenberg on Rihanna, Laverne Cox on Tracey Africa Norman, and more. “People often ask me if I have a role model — another actress I admire, or someone in my life I aspire to be like.

    Read the source article at NYMag

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  • 6 Female Leaders Who Will Inspire You to Kick Butt at Work (Photo Essay)

    Women hear a lot about inequality in the workplace: how much less we’re paid, how little opportunity we’re given and how much harder we have to fight for our gains. We should hear more about women who are doing awesome work. Women can expect to earn more money than men in some jobs , and we’re more likely than men to be in management positions in about one-third of the industries measured by the Bureau of Labor Statistics .

    Read the source article at The Penny Hoarder

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  • 20 Inspiring TED Talks

    As we set out to make 2017 our best year yet, we thought it was a great idea to remind you of the power of TED Talks. Many of you will be regular subscribers to this great resource, but we found this particular playlist to be truly inspirational - whether it's Amy Cuddy, Brené Brown or Sheryl Sandberg - this collection of videos encapsulates some truly inspirational messages that will lift you and help you get off to an amazing start in 2017.

    Wishing you all a peaceful and Happy New Year!

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