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PWN Amsterdam: COVID-19 update

 We have been closely monitoring the situation with the COVID-19 outbreak and would like to share with you the decisions we’ve taken at PWN Amsterdam.

In an effort to balance protecting the health of all our members whilst enabling us to stay connected as a community, all PWN Amsterdam face to face meetings, events and gatherings - until June 1st, 2020 - are to either be hosted digitally or, if the event cannot be moved online, to be postponed and rescheduled to later in the year. This includes all/any meetings, events and gatherings for our PWN Mentoring program.

We feel a deep sense of responsibility to our members and community and therefore believe that these measures are the right thing to do.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that being a premium member of PWN Amsterdam means you can make the most of our Global Online Webinar Library- where you can find over 60, hour long sessions across a range of hot topics at any time convenient to you. 

Please also continue to actively participate on both our Facebook and LinkedIn groups to share tips and resources, to collaborate and to support each other through this unprecedented time.

We look forward to meeting face to face again once we have overcome COVID-19. In the meantime, stay healthy and please keep an eye on our newsletter, website and social media posts for any updates to the above approach and for links to our online activities.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via:

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In a time of growing intolerance and retrenched patriarchy, we must return to the founding principles of the UN in order to support women and achieve equality.

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Focus On Trust: Successful Leadership In Times Of Crisis

On good days, a leader’s job is simple: Keep the company running, employees productive, and customers happy. What distinguishes a great leader is how she responds in times of crisis. Does she panic, seeing uncertainty ahead? Or does she see the bigger picture — the fact that more than money is at stake; that people must put themselves and their loved ones ahead of business needs?

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