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  • PWN Global Gender Balanced Leadership Awards 2020 Rescheduled to 2021

    2 July 2020 Language : English

    Volunteer-led organisation seeks pragmatic approach during the COVID19 pandemic

    France, July 2020: Hot on the heels of the huge success of the inaugural PWN Global Gender Balanced Leadership Awards in November 2019, PWN Global launched into planning its second edition of the Awards for November 2020. Little did they know that the universe had planned other things for 2020!

    After several months of watching, waiting, and continuing to diligently plan for another great event – celebrating the tremendous work of people around the world who are excelling in advancing gender balanced leadership – the volunteers of PWN Global have taken the decision to move their awards ceremony to 4th November 2021. The event will remain in Dublin, Ireland, and take place at the beautiful venue of Clontarf Castle

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  • Perfect Timing for the PWN Global Virtual Entrepreneurship Programme

    11 June 2020 Language : English

    A new programme to support entrepreneurs from all over the globe has been launched by PWN Global in collaboration with EU Business School. The programme offers a truly international entrepreneurship training experience, with 85 participants in the programme who stem from over 29 cities in Europe and beyond. This flexible, part-time programme launched at the start of June and will for run for nine months. Participants range from those who want to nurture the seed of their business idea, right through to those who are seeking to upscale their existing entrepreneurial businesses. The programme comprises modular, online monthly training sessions, with tailored coaching circles and mentoring support to help participants put the learning into action.

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  • EU Business School and PWN Global: Empowering Women in Business Through Education

    28 January 2020 Language : English

    Entrepreneurship and gender equality are engrained in EU Business School’s (EU) DNA. We believe that the cultivation of entrepreneurial skills and core leadership values will greatly assist women in successfully achieving their business ideas and professional purpose and will advance gender balance and ultimately promote female leadership. For this reason, we are delighted to support PWN Global by certifying its Entrepreneurship Virtual Program, a state-of-the-art program dedicated to giving women the hard and soft skills they need to succeed in business. 

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  • PWN Global Announces Winners of 2019 Gender Balanced Leadership Awards

    15 October 2019 Language : English

    Leading lights in the global business world gathered on 11th October 2019 for the Inaugural PWN Global Gender Balanced Leadership Awards, which took place at the Intercontinental Hotel, in Dublin, Ireland. PWN Global, the leading network of professionals accelerating gender balanced leadership in the workplace and in society at large decided to launch their Inaugural global award ceremony in Dublin. Special Guest, Julie Sinnamon, CEO Enterprise Ireland opened the awards sharing some concerning figures regarding how much work remains to be done in Ireland in this area. 

    The Awards attracted nominations from big companies and small companies; from multinationals, state agencies, academia, professional services sector – genuinely representing the breadth of gender balanced leadership activity.

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  • PWN Global announces 2019 Gender Balanced Leadership Awards finalists

    3 September 2019 Language : English

    PWN Global Gender Balanced Leadership AwardsPWN Global, the leading network of professionals accelerating gender balanced leadership in the workplace and in society at large is bringing their inaugural global award ceremony to Dublin in October 2019. 

    The PWN Global Gender Balanced Leadership Awards are produced by PWN Global’s elected Federation Board. The awards recognise the efforts of, and bring together, international business leaders from all over the world to celebrate best practice in gender balanced leadership. 

    To give you a flavor of the calibre of organisations who have made the finalists lists: 

    Boston Consulting Group, Citi Bank, ESB, Grant Thornton, INSEAD, Kuehne + Nagel, Mercer, Nissan, Oracle, PwC, and Roche to name but a few. A veritable ‘who’s who’ in gender balanced leadership thought leadership today. In addition to these finalists, we have also seen the ‘Davids’ go head to head with ‘Goliaths’ – with a number of entrepreneurs and SMEs taking the stage amongst these big names – independent law firms and coaching establishments are giving the big corporates a run for their money, and we will only find out on the night itself who will win the top prizes. 


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